Where It All Started

I've had a love for colorful stones since I was quite young; I remember, very clearly, being assigned a project about rocks in the fourth grade. We were to gather five different types of rocks and identify them using resources from the local library.

My grandmother and I found four that we considered different, and went to the Spencer Library to find some information and identify what we had found. Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Slate were among them. It happened to be the weekend of Thomas the Tank Engine over at the Transportation Museum, and I still needed to find one more rock. After spending the day there with my dad, it was time to head home. Walking down the dirt road, I happened to find a stray piece of coal that had fallen. I had my five rocks, and I was thrilled with what we had collected.

From this young age on, I have appreciated the beauty that God gave us on our earth. Now, I am able to create things for others to enjoy using pieces such as these. Though I didn't pick these stones up from somewhere in Spencer, they each remind me of admiring the sparkles in that quartz rock I found. Even the coal glittered, too.

God did good, didn't he?

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