Vintage Jane

Last June, one of my friends told me about a boutique that was interested in finding a new jewelry artist. Being human, I was nervous about being told no - but how awesome would it be to actually have items that I made in a real store? With a little encouragement, Dariel and I decided to take a trip to Vintage Jane, in Kernersville.

When we arrived, the lovely owners (Michelle Whiteveen and Kresha Waldrop) were waiting eagerly to meet prospective 'Janes' as they call us. After I showed them all of my jewels, it was time to wait a few days for their decision.

To my excitement, I was chosen to become a member of the Jane family. I have been with them for just under 1 year now and have loved every minute. Vintage Jane has a style like no other, and is sure to please customers from all walks of life. If you ever pass through the town of Kernersville, you won't be sorry for stopping at Vintage Jane!

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