Appalachian Wildlife Refuge Event

Wands for Wildlife


April 1st marks the beginning of our first annual Easter philanthropy event. For this year’s event, I have chosen an organization located in my home state of NC - The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. 

For the next 14 days, 30% of ALL proceeds will be donated to their cause! Getting new jewels AND saving animals?! Umm.. yes please!

If you’re interested in learning more, the link to their website is below! They are always collecting old mascara wands (we all have them) to help clean out the little ones’ fur.  They just ask that you fill out the form (here), clean the brushes with warm, soapy water, and dry them before sending. Such an awesome, easy, FREE (except for the stamp) way to help out.

Let’s save some little animals!

To learn more, click here
To donate wands, click here
To see their wish list, click here

To visit their Facebook Page, click here

Happy Shopping! Xoxo

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