Vintage Collection

Months ago, I began searching for vintage cameos and hand-painted stones from the 1900s. I've been collecting then for a while, and finally felt I had enough to launch!

There are only a few of each design, so this launch will have very limited stock. Most of these would have been painted or carved (sometimes decals were applied by hand back then) in lots, which is how there are more than one in some styles.

Please keep in mind that these are vintage pieces, and some were created all the way back to the 1930s. While wear is minimal, there may be some aging on these, which is part of their charm. These are being made to order and set in your size, therefore there will be absolutely no exchanges on these.

You will not necessarily be receiving the exact stone that you see in the photo. There will be some variation in the carvings and or paintings. Details on each stone is available in the caption.