Infinity Bracelets @ Pop-Ups

What is an Infinity Bracelet?

A premium metal chain attached to the wrist by a micro-welding machine, providing a clean look with no clasp and zero maintenance.

Each chain is perfectly sized to fit, then fused onto your wrist to create the perfect permanent bracelet for you. The whole process takes about 10 minutes! Take care when sizing your bracelet, as this cannot be undone.

Does it hurt?

No way! Your chain is custom fit to your wrist, then the last link is permanently welded shut. This process is completely safe & pain free!

Can I wear my bracelet in water?

Absolutely! Our gold filled & sterling silver chain means you can wear your bracelet on every adventure.

Am I able to remove my Infinity Bracelet?

Your Infinity Bracelet may be removed by simply cutting the chain with nail clippers. Cutting your bracelet off cannot be undone, so be sure you are ready to remove it for good!

What if I need an MRI?

If you require an MRI or other medical procedure, you can easily remove your Infinity Bracelet by cutting the chain with nail clippers. If you currently have a medical condition that requires MRIs, radio-graphs of the wrist or a scheduled surgery, we do not recommend getting a permanent bracelet.

What if it breaks?

In the event your bracelet breaks within the first week, we will re-weld the bracelet at no cost to you! Please make sure you hold onto the chain. After the one week period, there will be a $25 re-welding fee. This fee includes if the bracelet was intentionally cut off.

These bracelets are non-refundable and we are not liable for normal wear and tear.

Keep your chain and email customer service at to find us at our next pop-up!

My silver bracelet has tarnished, what do I do?

Actually, it’s not tarnishing, it’s called oxidation. If your sterling silver bracelet happens to be exposed to sulfur (present in some water sources) or other chemicals, it may oxidize quickly. You can brighten your chain by using a soft polishing cloth, just like with the silver in your grandmother's hutch!

Am I able to travel with my Infinity Bracelet?

You sure can! Fine jewelry is not required to be removed to pass through TSA or metal detectors.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 12 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must be escorted by an adult.

My bracelet fell off and I lost it!

We’re so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, lost bracelets will not be replaced and a new chain will need to be purchased.