Welcome to the Bijoux family! My name is Cat, I'm owner and designer of Bijoux. Bijoux is a brand that promotes self love and confidence in women. My goal is to create joyful accessories and home-wares to surround yourself.

Ask anyone who knows me - I've wanted to run my own business for as long as I remember. I've always been crafty and loved making "concoctions" & ruining my parents rugs in the process.

I began making jewelry in 2015 as a way to help pay for a college course abroad. I loved having an outlet to pour my creative energy into. Hanging out with friends turned into us sitting on my dorm room floor, designing jewelry, as the hours passed by. All of a sudden, Bijoux was born. 

What does Bijoux mean, anyway? When I began making jewelry, I had no idea what to name my brand. With help and inspiration from my Grandfather, Chuck (who used to live near the French Quarter in New Orleans), we decided on using the name "Bijoux", which roughly translates from French to "jewels". 

Thank you so much for supporting a local business and family! I am so thankful for YOU!

XO, Catherine